Ms. Linda Lucas


Linda Lucas

Welcome to Malcolm C. Hursey's school guidance and counseling program site.

My personal and professional  philosophy for the services I provide is: "They are all our children." 
I have served as a school counselor for over thirty years.  My experience has been in all age/grade-levels, other than geriatric counseling. I am a licensed professional counselor with interests in music and play therapy.  It is my delight to see students grow from their early developmental stages to successful adults who are responsible and giving back to their communities.  "Every child needs a hero", Mrs. Marian Wright Edelman  says.  I seek not only to provide heroic people in support of our students' success, but to encourage the students to become heroes for those who come behind them.
 The school guidance and counseling program is designed to incorporate the priorities identified on the most recent "Needs Assessment;" CCSD and state mandates; college and career directives. "The Road Not Taken," by Robert Frost, is the theme for the program this year.  "You Gotta Be" is a musical theme that has been adapted to encourage students to be bold, confident, expressive and focused in their life goals. 

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