Ms. Lindsay Myers

"Bbrrr..." Warm up with physical activity!

Ms. Myers


Carolina Panthers Fan


Contact Information


Phone: (843)745-7105

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00-3:00

This Week's Updates & Assignments

Primary Classes:
Ms. Thames (MPA), Ms. Grey (MPB), Ms. Morely (MPC), Ms. Brock (MPD), Ms. Port (MPE), Ms. Jones (MPF)

Lower Elementary Classes:
Ms. Minchener (LEA), Ms. Smith (LEB), Ms. Midkiff(LEC), Ms. Jones(LED)

Traditional Second Grades: 
Ms. Manigault (2A), Ms. Hill(2B) 

Traditional Third and Fourth Grades:
Ms. Gonzaga (3A), Ms. Hopper (4A), Mr. Martin (4B)

Focus Units for Exploratory Classes: 

1st Nine Weeks- Teambuilding and Cooperation
2nd Nine Weeks-
Flag Football and Track and Field 
3rd Nine Weeks-
Basketball and Soccer 
4th Nine Weeks-
Golf and Softball