Ms.Heather Teems


Welcome to my dream! It has always been my dream to live in Charleston and to assist in bringing out the inner artist in everyone.  My art career began in Reston, Virginia in the "garbage pit." (This was where the two garbage cans were stored .) I would pull them out and create a space to do "art's and crafts" with my friends from the neighborhood. It was always my therapy, my creative outlet and my way to give gifts to others.
I received my BFA in Art Education with a minor in sculpture and ceramics from the University of South Carolina in 1995. Having children, right after college slowed my art career a bit, but kick started my Montessori interests. I continued my education at Lander University with a Master of Education in Montessori. To fully understand the flow of the Montessori curriculum, I have completed Montessori training from Primary through Upper Elementary and consequently became SC and AMS certified for all three. This allows me to be able to create extensions that will further enhance the Montessori  curriculum and help the students master content in an expressive and creative manner.
I am so excited to be a part of the Charleston County School District!

Contact Information

Creativity Laboratory


Phone- 843-745-7105

Office Hours-Monday & Tuesday 7-3


Ms. Heather's Rationale for ART in Montessori

Primary Art

In the primary classes we focus on The Elements and Principles of Design in art. The children learn to use many different tools and media to express themselves. In the Montessori classroom the art materials are presented in a precise and delicate manner, as other Montessori materials are presented in the 3-6 classrooms. The children treat the materials with care and respect as they practice manipulating each tool. Creating and looking at art has a positive effect on many areas of your child's emotional, and social development. Children develop symbolic understanding by representing their experiences and their feelings in paintings, drawings and collages. This figurative representation leads to beginning reading and writing.





Elementary Art Within A Montessori School

During the six elementary  and the adolescent years  in art, the students will explore artistic techniques and medium. They will discover and investigate the principles and elements of art to understand the basis and heart of artistic expression. They will gain appreciation for the history of art and the masters.

The students will be treated with respect and be expected to treat each other with compassion and appreciation as they evaluate each other as young artists. It is important to the teacher that the students believe that there are no wrong answers in art and they can create many different ways to approach their work and their life.

The Montessori philosophy supports freedom of creative expression. We believe as Montessorians that we need to respect the elementary child’s will and desire to discover their own way to express themselves with the tools and processes they have been presented from the teacher.