Mrs. Andreea Carabus



My name is Andreea Carabus and I have 15 plus years teaching experience in the field of special education. I am a National Board Certified Teacher since 2011 and my goal is to find the best strategies and resources available to implement in order to best serve my students. I am married to Daniel and have two children-Victoria and Theodore. Both of our children proudly attend Hursey. Theo is a Kinder-gardener in Primary and Victoria is a fourth grader in Upper Elementary.

This is my 5th year at Hursey Montesori and I enjoy working with students and help them succeed. I currently teach Math skills to students K-8th in our Resource Lab, using research-based programs proved to be successful with students that need extra support.
 I am originally from Romania where I spent my childhood and college years. In 2003 I moved to Charleston and embraced the culture and Southern hospitality. In my leisure time I enjoy cooking from a variety of culinary cultures, reading novels, jogging and spending outdoor time with my children. I play tennis and enjoy watching tennis tournaments and soccer. My favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona.

For our younger students, Connecting Math Concepts is a program that is designed to have a manipulative component that lays the foundation of basic Math skills. The interactive computer program Building Block pairs as a technology resource for this program.

VMath is a research-based program designed for older students at the intervention level and is tailored to their needs. There is an interactive component to it that allows students to work on their level in 
class, as well as at home, if Internet connection is available, both on desktop and tablet.

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