UE-A News

August 17-25

Here is an overview of what the students are learning:
English/Language Arts: poetry, word study, text structure, plot structure, point of view, figurative language, writing for various purposes, reading comprehension skills, using evidence from a text to support argumentative writing.
Math: students have individual work plans
Social Studies:
4th: U.S. History: Land Bridge Theory and Native Americans
5th: U.S. History: Reconstruction Era
6th:World History-- Early Humans
4th: Astronomy
5th: Mixtures and Solutions
6th: Animal Studies

Students are really enjoying our 30 minute reading block. If you would like to, please send in healthy snacks for the students to enjoy as they read. We have 24 students.
We can always use more cleaning wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. Thanks in advance for your support!

A new homework bingo sheet will be sent home each month. Students will have individualized math homework each week.The Upper Elementary teachers want to provide ways for your child to not only practice academic skills, but also engage in enriching life skills. Students with computers at home may also practice math skills on the TenMarks and ALEKS websites. Science assignments have been given to all students on the Discovery Education site. The NewsELA site has many current event articles with adjustable text levels that will build reading comprehension and fluency. I have also included a link to some Montessori family resources. The links for these can be found on our home page.



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Wish List:
paper towels
anti-bacterial wipes
dry erase markers
healthy snack items (Welches fruit snacks, Cheez It crackers in individual packets, etc.)