Dress Code Policy

Students will:

  • Wear pants/skirts/shorts/jumpers that are solid in color.
  • Wear any color solid polo tops. 
  • Wear solid (with no patterns) sweatshirts sweaters or hoodies inside the classrooms. (hoods cannot be on the student’s head inside the classroom.  Only light sweaters and jackets can be worn in the classroom.

 Heavy coats and outdoor jackets will be hung in the classroom at the direction of the teacher.

 If parents wish for the students to be excluded from wearing uniforms, the procedure below must be followed:

  • Parents request and complete a Uniform Waiver Request Form.
  • Parents return the Uniform Waiver Request Form to the school. 
  • An appointment must be scheduled with the principal regarding your request.

Please remember that your waiver must be completed and re-approved EVERY year.  Students are required to wear the school uniform until the waiver has been approved by the principal AND the Associate Superintendent.

If assistance is needed in obtaining the proper uniform, please contact the school at 745-7105 and ask to speak the Guidance Counselor, Ms Sullivan

A Student Dress Code requires all clothing to be worn properly and applies to all students, even those with an approved Uniform Waiver.

  • Shirts are to be tucked in.
  • Clothing may not have distracting pictures or words.
  • Perfume should be worn only at home.
  • Shoe strings and straps must be tied or Velcro-ed.  “Wheelies” are not allowed to be worn to school.
  • Belts must fit and have appropriate buckles. 
  • Pants must be worn properly at the student’s waist.